The Ethical Treatment Of Animal Abuse Essay

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Animal Abuse has been a problem around the world for as long as one can remember billions of defenseless animals being harmed and tortured, that has all changed when one powerful woman decided to put her foot down. Ingrid Newkirk has made a huge impact on the ethical treatment of animals as well as helped spread awareness around the world, by establishing the world’s largest animal rights activist organization PETA.
Ingrid Newkirk was born in Surrey, England where she was raised for seven years until her family moved to America. During Ingrid’s younger years in America is when she first began to volunteer, this is when she learned human and animals deserved the right to be helped. As a young adult Ingrid was studying to be a stock broker and had no regards to becoming an animal rights activist. It was not until the age of twenty-one when she began volunteering at a shelter, which included cleaning kennels and investigating animal cruelty cases. During her volunteering she realized something needed to be done. After coming to the realization that something must be done, to put an end to animal abuse, Ingrid began her journey on becoming one of the worlds must known animal rights activist.
Ingrid Newkirk began to get her name out there as an activist of stopping animal cruelty, in the beginning years of her career “she served as a deputy sheriff, a Maryland state law enforcement office with the highest success rate in conviction animal abusers, the director of cruelty…

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