The Ethical Theory Of Virtue Ethics Essay

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Most forms of ethics take virtues into consideration either directly or indirectly, but the big separating factor for virtue ethics is the centralization of a person’s character. Mitchell defines virtue ethics as, “an ethical theory that uses as a moral standard what a virtuous person would do, rather than consequences or obligations; the primary question is, What kind of person should I be?” People put into a specific situation are considered to act because of their virtues and habits of character, with no consideration to how it will ultimately benefit a society or serve a greater cause. This can be seen when people act to protect or save someone, before they even have time to consider anything about the situation, they simply follow an impulse due to the character they have previously developed. Confucius did not believe someone was born as the person that they would be, and instead favored an upbringing that continued into adulthood, that highly favors respect and love for those around you. He had experienced a different view of human nature, and his rationalization of what he had seen led him to believe that people needed to be somewhat guided to ensure they would act appropriately when faced with a moral dilemma. Mitchell describes this by saying, “To prevent humans from destroying one another and, in the process, the civilization they had created, Confucius advocated a kind of womb-to-tomb curriculum in cultivating the habits of character associated with virtue…

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