The Ethical Principles Of The Movie Wit Essay

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When analyzing the movie Wit in an ethical perspective, it shows that the ethical principles were covered poorly. When Dr. Kelekian discussed the treatment options, he never gave Professor Vivian a choice, and just made the decision for her, and took her consent too quickly. He told her that she was strong and that she could do the experimental high doses of chemotherapy, without her full consent (Bosanquet & Nichols, 2001). In this situation, the autonomy, the personal freedom to make choices or decisions, was denied. The principle of beneficence explains the ethical duty to do good, but, here, Dr. Kelekian never thought about the benefit of the patient. He was concerned about the research and its outcome. The involved doctors were simple delighted when Professor Vivian tolerated the first rounds of chemo, but never worried about the side effects or about her getting sick. When performing any care to a patient, the provider has a duty to do no harm to the patients (nonmaleficence). Here, Dr. Kelekian was knowingly harming the patient 's wellbeing by giving high doses of chemo. Fidelity explains the ethics of keeping one 's promise or commitment. The care team initially explained to Professor Vivian about the treatment, and promised her that she would be okay, even though it was uncertain. The doctor kept commitment, but didn 't work well. In ethics, justice means that people should be treated fairly and equally. I think that this principle wasn 't fulfilled, because…

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