The Ethical Principle Of School Equipment Essay

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The simplest ethical principle that could be applied to the use of school equipment would be the rule of universality in which the rule (or violation thereof) is applied universally to everyone (S. Mackenzie & G. Mackenzie, 2010). Essentially, we should ask ourselves, what would the result be if everyone violated this particular rule? If every teacher in the school were to use the copy machine or fax machine for personal use, it would be tied up by personal items when it is needed to prepare items for a class or send documentation regarding students. Additionally, the extra wear and tear on the machines could have the potential to prematurely damage the machine and cost unnecessary time and money for repairs. Most importantly, it would deplete supplies (paper and ink) that were purchased with monies designated for school purposes.

It is easy to say to one’s self that it is only one or two copies and that no one would even know. However, if this same person had to show the principal what was being printed, would that person still feel it is okay to make a copy? One might rationalize the time and money it saves in going to Office Depot for copies has been merited by the extra time spent at school without additional pay. Perhaps one might even argue that because these items are funded by taxpayer money, he/she should be able to use them because he/she is a taxpayer. However, even funds spent on students are often pre-designated. For example, textbook monies cannot be spent on…

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