The Ethical Limitations And The Legal Labyrinth Essay

729 Words Nov 3rd, 2015 3 Pages
My junior year as an undergraduate, I took Animal Behavior with Dr. Paul Verrell. He structured his class to teach not only the methods and progress of research in animal behavior, but also how to structure experiments and approach scientific problems in a researchable way. While this class focused mostly on the mating rituals in salamanders, I applied this learning technique to other aspects of my studies and to my work as a manager. During office hours with Dr. Verrell, we discussed the implications of certain types of experiments and I found myself more interested in the ethical limitations and the legal labyrinth researchers navigate through in order to contribute to the academic community. This played a definitive role in identifying my passion to seek out a career path that fostered and utilized my strengths. Learning what kind of questions to ask, whether of superiors or my colleagues, and how to approach problems was incredibly applicable in the dining hall as well and strengthened my success as a manager. The strengths and passion I developed during this time in my life lead me to strive for a career that had investigative and passionate tenets. The law always attracted me, so my plan evolved into landing a job in a law firm. I needed to check out the terrain to see if law school was something I wanted to pursue. In comes Bogaards Davis LLP. After answering an attractive online ad for a legal assistant position with a small boutique personal injury firm in San…

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