The Ethical Leadership Self Assessment Essay

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Before taking the Ethical Leadership Self-assessment, I was expecting to get more almost always answer and less almost never or occasionally. After taking the ethical leadership self-assessment, I noticed that most of my answer were occasionally. Even though I carried myself as a very ethical person, and love to take the lead sometimes, I was in shock to see that most of my answer were occasionally. However, I was not surprised because, in my current job, I am not able to lead in any way. In my organization, I do not have a leadership position as matter of fact, I still in training. I have been with this organization for a year and five months, but training since to never end. In addition, I just transferred to another state which has me starting all over again. Being in training strain us from leading in any way. We are basically followers until training is over after that is up to the person to keep subsiding. I have a leadership background, I always try to take the lead by conducting myself as the best employer they ever had and the most ethical person. I know I am not the best, but having the best positive attitude helps to achieve those goals.

After analyzing the results of the Ethical Leadership Self-assessment, I realized that in order for me to achieve the performance goal/objectives and development goals previously mentioned of the second assignment, I have to implement an action plan. After thinking for while about what I was missing I came up with three actions…

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