The Ethical Judgment Of Our Younger Society Essays

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In America, statistics has proven that our youth has become more materialistic than ever before. The author argues the fact that these children are engaging themselves in more unethical behaviors. The numbers in shop lifting has risen across the country, like never before in the history of adolescents. Fraudulent activates are also increasing, simply because some young adults do not care about others and their financial obligations, just as long as they are able to steal credit cards and the identities of others to purchase materialistic items, according to Flurry and Swimberghe, (2016) “American youth are spending in record numbers, often being characterized as the most materialistic generation in history. Young people are also responsible for a significant portion of retail fraud and theft in America. As yet, research has not examined the link between these trends (Flurry, F. & Swimberghe, K., 2016).” This investigation was conducted by a sample of 250 children and their parents, to examine the ethical judgment of our younger society. Research has also shown that as times progresses and these children began to mature and begin to recognize their unethical behaviors, most will eventually change their ways of thinking and become ethical citizens and turn away from their childish ways and behaviors. Money will become more valuable and they will see how hard it takes to make and save money that they will start to respect more ethical values. The mature children will then…

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