The Ethical Issues Of The Health Care Professionals Essay

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In this essay, I will attempt to discuss the ethical issues of consent; the ethical theories and principles that supports practice; the ethical dilemmas that health care professionals may face in the area of consent of patients in health care and the health care professionals responses to these dilemmas. Throughout this essay I will referring to and comparing various health care professionals perspectives including, the Nurse, Doctor and Paramedic. I will begin this essay by will firstly discussing consent and the health care professionals role in looking after a patient who has an advance care directive in place. I will then talk about the importance of respecting patient choices and if paternalism is justifiable in health care. Following this I will address the health care professionals role in patient advocacy when an advance care directive is in place and lastly I will outline the various legal and professional frameworks that direct health care professionals practice in Australia. Consent is where a person provides either written, verbal or implied authorisation for something to happen (“Consent”, n.d.). Before any medical procedure, treatment or operation, the health care professional must gain consent from the patient. Under New South Wales law, failing to gain consent before medical treatment can result in legal action being taken and the health care professional being charged with assault and battery (NSW Government, 2005). For consent to be valid and legal,…

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