The Ethical Issues Of Information Age Essay

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Although being okay to collect, track and record social media data, by law enforcement, it can be a breach of privacy and unconstitutional in certain situations. For those who support social media data collection argue on the basis of promoting safety, but they forget that the officers who collect these data are human beings and sometimes they can be biased. First, some officers may collect social media on racial biased basis and only aim one particular race to collect data from. Also in some instances officers may turn a blind eye when they discover that people whose data being collected belong to their race, certain class, and political influence. In addition, lack of proper training may incriminate and prosecute a wrong person. Secondly, law enforcement should not collect social media data because of issues related to Privacy, Accuracy, Property, and Accessibility (PAPA). According to the article Four Ethical Issues of Information Age, Richard Mason is concerned how people collect, handle, and distribute one’s information without consent. According to Richard, “Information or data is the means through which the mind expands and increases its capacity to achieve its goals, often as the result of an input from another mind”. He further says “information forms the intellectual capital from which human beings craft their lives and secure dignity, however the building of intellectual capital is vulnerable in many ways”. For example, “people 's intellectual…

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