The Ethical Issues Of Genetically Modified Food Issues

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Genetically Modified Food Issues”
After reading the Fast Company article, “Against the grain,” I’ve learned that CRISPR is a gene modification tool that researchers are trying to develop. It stands for Clustered Regular interspaced short palindromic repeats, and the purpose of this technology is to develop foods, protect animals from diseases, and to make meat healthier. According to GMOS: Facts About Genetically Modified Food, “A Genetically Modified Organism is an organism that has had its DNA altered or modified in some way through genetic engineering.” For example, a GMO may be used to delete, mutate or insert genes from a pig to achieve characteristics that may be more beneficial, like making it more muscular so it could yield healthier
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Some people are concerned that genetically modified foods may be connected to allergies. Somethings could be taken from a gene put into another organism and then could cause the organism to make that allergen as a trait. Some people are also concerned with Antibiotic resistance genes that are used in the process of genetic modification using bacteria and viruses. There is a fear that these genes may spread into bacteria, animals or humans, emerging the spread of disease. Only a few people are aware of the GMOs being used in food because it is not being labeled. Most labels just say “Contains GMO” but it isn’t telling us what’s exactly being modified. People argue that they should be able to know what they are eating so that they can make an informed …show more content…
I agree with those people who argued that they should be able to know what they are eating so that they can make an informed choice. When it comes to myself eating food I wasn’t really cautious of what I was putting into my body. I just ate food because it tasted good. With myself being an athlete I was really only cautious of not eating fried foods, or fast food from restaurants because it really isn’t good for a Track Runner. Now after reading this article learning that our foods are Genetically being modified and on food labels it isn’t specifically letting the buyers know what being modified makes me question GMOs. I understand the benefits to it but I would just like to be aware what is actually being modified so I know what I’m in taking into my

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