The Ethical Issue Of Using Company Assets And Inside Information For Personal Property

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I. Introduction: Decision to uphold Ethics The ethical issue of using company assets and inside information for personal gain will determine whether to accept the offer from the plumber to provide services for personal property. Accepting the offer will have tremendous reprimands as well as bring a detrimental risk to the good of the company. As manager of this company I will make the decision to not move forward with using the same plumbing company used in a previous project despite the low cost. Choosing the easier option has been shown before to end negatively for all parties involved. Given the overwhelming risk of conflict of interest, I will hire an alternative company with slightly higher fees to avoid breaking company policy and ethics.
II. Relevant Facts and Case Study A recent case shows on a much larger scale with much larger numbers how taking shortcuts for personal gain can end appallingly. The former and now infamous CEO of Wells Fargo, John Stumpf, was forced to step down for cheating his company and clients out of upwards of $185 million dollars. “Stumpf appeared before the House Financial Services Committee for a hearing related to Wells Fargo employees opening up as many as 2 million unauthorized banking and credit card accounts between 2011 and 2015 – in some cases accessing customers ' Social Security numbers and exposing them to fees and fines on products they didn 't know existed” (Soergel p. 1). US News and Economy went on to state, “Wells Fargo…

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