Ethical Dilemmas Of Native Americans

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Starting with the invasion of Europeans, Native Americans have been actively destroyed as a people. Remarkable levels of discrimination towards minorities such as Native Americans, in the United States, after the invasion are displayed through media outlets like the internet and television networks. Commonly, those who tune in to watch the daily news and the newest post on the internet are intruded with one sided bias, sometimes unknowingly. My goal throughout this informative essay is to give reason to question how Native Americans are portrayed in Western society and give knowledge of what was not taught through the Eurocentric biased perspective with a Native perspective on a people’s right to law, life, and land and the ethical implications of the destruction of those human rights. …show more content…
As Howard Zinn informed his readers of a quote from Columbus in his book A People’s History of the United States, “The Arawak men and women traded everything they owned for beads and bells. They would make fine servants.” The Arawak welcomed the strangers, then were stripped of their freedoms. They were raped, their bodies were mutilated, they were murdered, punished for their beliefs, sold like property, families were split up, and they were forced to live on small reservations, which are still actively binding Native American lives between inequality and disregarded freedoms as citizens in the United

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