The Ethical Implications Of Genetic Engineering

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When it comes to genetic engineering this saying comes to mind most disagreements are cause by different perceptions that create different realities. There is so many ways to viewpoints to technology that leave the question is there even a right and a wrong to the scientific advancement of new genetics. Truth is no matter what your stance is on genetics you cannot believe the best thing to do is have the scientists should stop the development or to believe what they 're doing is completely okay. Society tends to make a reality to what they assume is what the consequences will be while the scientist and government try to make a different reality. Genetic engineering have potential to perpetuate our disparities, the role responsibility and knowledge …show more content…
Lama characterizes knowledge and responsibility by having more knowledge you have more responsibility meaning you have to be educated to be able to question genetics correctly. Leaving the technology to businessman and scientist is not helping us and is actually hurting us because we are leaving the moral line for them to find out. If this technology is going to change humanity then humanity should have a …show more content…
For instance, the drug Levaquin a common antibiotic have horrible side effects like pain and both legs and shoulders or even death but the doctors didn’t know until people starting dying after using it. The company that made the drug was accused of hiding the effects and the company actually they didn’t really cover the truth if you did your research before taking it.
Therapeutic cloning should be researches as well. Based on my knowledge scientist can make clones but can also make just the organs. Who are we to play God and make a human being yet scientist believe it’s the way to the future. "such a moral compass must entail preserving our human sensitivity and will depend on us constantly bearing in mind our fundamental human values." (Dalai Lama 139) If they perceive their "experiments" as beings we would even be questioning the nature of cloning because then they would only be creating organs and not people just to be like harvesting vessels for another human

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