The Ethical Effects Of Genetic Engineering

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Genetic Engineering is a controversial technology that has a lot of debate and discussion surrounding it. Scientists and researchers work diligently in labs to improve and experiment with the new technology, while bioethicists look at the possible effects of the technology. The effects that the bioethicists must study consist of society, future, religious, and many more. Some families are eager for the use of genetic engineering to be widespread so that they can eradicate fatal diseases or other disorders from their family line, while other couples want to use genetic engineering to conceive a baby that will turn out to be a certain way. Although Genetic Engineering has a variety of benefits, I believe that it should only be used in certain …show more content…
A quote that was repetitively used to refute genetic engineering was, “If everyone’s super, then no one will be.” This quote is accurate because if everyone were to start creating Designer Babies, everyone would be superior and they would all be the same, which would eliminate the diversity and unique nature of the human race. Diversity is what helps us divide society and helps each individual leave their mark on the world. Another implication that many people are uneasy about, is the fact that designer babies could be used for the wrong reasons, and a country could potentially create a super army. The army of “super-humans” could be used to attack other nations, and would cause a lot of chaos and disorder, and could result in the destruction of the world and human race itself. Another common viewpoint is that appearance and internal features are all superficial, and that the sense of satisfaction should actually be coming from the unconditional love that families and friends can provide for someone. I believe that we should use genetic engineering in some instances, but not others, and to decide when it is ethical to use the technology, we should have a strict set of regulations that can be used to determine the

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