The Ethical Dilemma Of Taking Unfair Advantage Essay example

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Question 1 Most of the suggestions on Dawn’s list raise an ethical dilemma. The first suggestion, trimming some prescription drug benefits, raises the ethical dilemma, taking unfair advantage. The reason taking unfair advantage is the ethical dilemma for the first suggestion is because trimming drug benefits is a one-sided advantage of people who may not fully understand what they are losing. The second suggestion, reducing redundant tests for terminal patients is also the ethical dilemma of taking unfair advantage because patients that are terminally ill do not understand the need for redundant testing. Continuous testing can find changes in a patient’s health before there are actual symptoms or it can find a positive change in a patient’s health that could lead to an individual’s life being saved, by taking away these tests is taking advantage of individuals who do not know how crucial those tests could be. The second suggestion could also bring rise to the ethical dilemma of violating rules depending on testing regulations for patients who are terminally ill. The third suggestion, hiring physician assistants to see patients but billing patients at the physician rate, is the ethical dilemmas of saying things you know are not true and violating rules. The reason this suggestion is both of these dilemmas is because the isn’t being honest when billing patients and it would lead to them violating IRS rules by not paying taxes correctly. The fourth suggestion, allowing…

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