The Ethical Dilemma Of Pennsylvania State University History Essay

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One of the darkest moments in Pennsylvania State University history was November 5, 2011 when Jerry Sandusky, the former assistant football coach, was arrested and released on $100,000 after being arraigned on 40 criminal counts of sexual abuse. What was the most appalling was that members of the university’s administration and the athletic department had known about Sandusky’s fifteen year conduct but had never informed authorities nor had they fired him. When the NCAA issued crippling sanctions to the whole university, the stakeholders were negatively affected. Not only did the bad press have a negative impact but there were also intangible losses such as goodwill and respect, which undoubtedly had a greater impact than the legal penalties.
Though Jerry Sandusky’s crimes were of a heinous nature, they were not the ethical dilemma. The fact that Sandusky was able to continue to abuse children for more than fifteen years and no one ever reported him to the local authorities is the ethical dilemma. Technically, Joe Paterno and Mike McQueary did nothing illegal, the fact remains, however, that their actions were unethical. In other words, Penn State protected Sandusky with their silence. Since Penn State was a powerhouse in the college football arena, the “winning at all costs” culture profoundly influenced staff decisions to cover up Sandusky’s offenses.

The Utilitarianism View This theory holds that the “right” moral act is the one that produces the greatest good…

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