The Ethical Dilemma Of Drug Testing Essay

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Is It Ethical to Use Drug Testing In Child Welfare Cases
This paper will discuss the ethical dilemma involved in social services and the courts using drug testing and abuse as a reason when deciding to remove a child from the parental home. While this subject is complex and involves too many facets to cover completely in a brief summary, main topics will be introduced in order to bring attention to the practice. The actions concerned not only have an effect on the persons directly involved such as the children, parents, attorneys, judges, police and social service agencies, but also the general public as the financial obligation incurred by removing a child from their home grows each year.
In general child welfare is based on a “best interest of the child” test on the decisions that are made. When determining the course of action to take, a social worker in this field must balance what is in the child’s best interest with parental rights. Parents have rights such as to move or divorce, how they want to raise their child or who they want excluded from the child’s life, even choices about medical treatment, but the assertion of these rights may be in conflict with the child’s best interest. (Willemsen)
When looking at the child’s best interest should it be taken into account the parent’s income, or living arrangements, sexuality, religion, ancestry or schooling? Or does best interest mean the child’s interest apart from these considerations? (Willemsen) These questions…

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