The Ethical Dilemma Of Dentistry Essay

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Dentistry is a very intriguing field that combines a professional health service with a business structure for compensation. All dentists are put into a position where there is a conflict of interests. This is due to the fact that they are in the position to gain financially from their professional recommendations. As a result, both the dentist and the patient are beneficiaries of the provided dental care. Within this structure, there can arise many ethical dilemmas. It is therefore the duty of the practicing dentist to be able to discern these situations and proceed in the most ethical way. As a prospective dentist, I am very aware of many of these situations, as I have grown up in a family where my father is a practicing dentist. I have seen first hand complexities of some of these situations. Abuse of prescriptions by patients, overtreatments, and informed consent for treatment are just a few examples of areas where ethical dilemmas can arise within the field of dentistry. Specifically, however, I want to look at a dilemma that is a daily moral situation faced by dentists and one that I will potentially face in the future when I become a dentist. The case is as follows:
A patient comes in to the office to get a temporary crown replaced with the permanent one. The dentist receives the crown back from the lab and checks the fit on the prepped tooth with a digital x-ray. The crown does not fit perfectly around the margins, and is in fact wide open on one of the…

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