The Ethical Dilemma Of Abortion Essay

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At some point in life everyone is meet with an ethical dilemma. We make difficult decisions daily and are forced with the consequences. No matter how bad the decision is we have to suffer the emotions that are involved. Ethical norms are destroyed and contradictions are made. Processing decisions can lead to immoral choices, picking which one is best out of all choices can be overwhelming. In America there is no balance with certain issues. Top issues including Abortion, AIDS, Artificial Insemination, Organ donations, Research, Sterilization, Wrongful birth and life, Surrogacy, and Human genetics are popular topics in mass media. These subjects effect debate between religious groups and politicians. It seems as if you hear about the highly controversial topic, Abortion daily. Recently, Planned Parenthood has been on the news for “selling body parts” and abortions were being transformed to get enhanced tissue. Abortion has become a prevalent and essentially recognized piece of our humanity. Nearly 25% of pregnancies are aborted. Many questions arise, when does life begin? Who protects an unborn fetus? Most of all, Should an abortion be considered murder? The Pro-Life movement became extremely popular as the number of abortions grew. Believers are against the legalization of abortion. Advocates normally reason that human life initiates at conception and that the embryo is a person and has a right to life. There are some exceptions such as incest or rape. The Republican…

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