The Ethical Development Of Nurses Essay

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“Increased acuity levels of patients, decreased length of hospitalization, and the proliferation of health care technology and specialization have increased the need for highly experienced nurses” (Benner, 1982, p. 129). Dr. Patricia Benner has made a significant impact on the practice and ethics of nursing as a; nursing theorist, renowned lecturer and researcher (Petiprin, 2015). Dr. Benner was the first to pioneer the models of nursing theory that are focused on how nurses acquire nursing knowledge and develop their skills through the five stages of nursing. The five stages of Dr. Benner 's clinical competence include; novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient, and expert. Moreover, Dr. Benner believed that not until a nurse develops the appropriate skills and comprehension through both an educational base and an extensive amount of experiences is one considered to proficiently pass through the five stages (Petiprin, 2015). In addition, Dr. Benner’s models are pertinent to the ethical development of nurses, because one’s awareness of ethical issues is contingent upon the extent of one’s personal experiences. Furthermore, grasping the five stages of clinical competence allows nurses to collaborate and recognize that becoming an expert nurse is a process that can only be learned over a substantial amount of time (Petiprin, 2015).
The first stage of Dr. Benner’s nursing theory is a novice nurse or a beginner without any experience. The perfect example of a novice would…

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