The Ethical Decision Making Is A Part Of Life And Provides A Glance Of An Individual 's Character

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Ethical decision making is a part of life and provides a glance of an individual’s character. This document centers on the decision that Lauren was required to reach regarding a quality management issue that arisen during testing of a client’s product. It provides a brief account of the problem and the systematic phases that were in use to derive a decision of what course to follow. To formulate this decision a framework was utilized that outlined what questions needed to be answered. These questions included identifying the ethical issues, getting the facts, assessing alternate solutions, making a decision, testing the decision, and evaluating the outcome. Also, the five standards of ethical decision making were defined, which included the utilitarian approach, rights approach, justice approach, common good approach, and virtue approach. This analysis revealed the appropriate standard to utilize for this issue and ensued in a decision that would benefit everyone involved.
Quality Management: Signing Off on a Substandard Product
Lauren is a quality engineer with a technology firm whose responsibility it was “to monitor the manufacturing process and make sure that all products met customer specifications” (Rickling, n.d.). Her organization recently received a contract from another company who needed to outsource the fabrication of a part intended for a much larger product.
Later, after testing of the product was conducted, it was discovered that the product was…

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