Examples Of Ethical Issues In Health Care

In today’s high pressure health care environment, the physicians are facing several challenges to attain the expectations of their patients and society. The ethical issues faced by physicians will be covered in this qualitative research, are on end-of-life-care, and palliative care. Therefore, these ethical difficulties, study findings will help for health care organizations for outcome the solutions on patient care decisions, advance directive or substituted judgment. It is essential for care providers and health care professionals, to understand the medical ethics and law to deal effectively in difficult situations. The ethical challenges at present in the U.S. health care system and other country 's health care system are increased due …show more content…
As a result, the health care mangers need to provide skills in communication and relationship management, professionalism, leadership, knowledge of the healthcare system, and business skills and knowledge to practice evidence-based health care management (Stefl, 2008).
Terms ethics, morals, morality, and values are used for different occasions, but meaning is the same. Simple meaning of ethics is a right human conduct or behavior. Ethics is a totally inexplicit term to define in healthcare. Medical ethics are complex and need to be addressed frequently and sensibly. Whenever ethical issue or problem arise in patient care, that need to be handled in ethical way because it deals with the sensitive issues related to the suffering patients and their care takers. The qualitative research provide solutions to understand the problems faced by the providers and their
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Despite taking managerial steps and spreading well-known awareness of these difficulties in the health care field, current management plans and strategy recommendations are not effectively working to provide excellent care to the patients. These could be due to the challenges of cost, quality, and an aging population. Thus, the time has come for a adopting new dimensions and use new strategies more unselfishly, policy-focused approach to modify the inconsistences between management and policy makers in healthcare administration (Lantz, 2008, pp. 291-298) The health care systems in the U.S. face a several problems and serious challenges related to access to the care, quality, cost and use of infrastructure. Therefore, the field of health care leadership in demand for guidance and ideas for transformational change. There is also wide spread agreement on the clinical staff and management of health care teams clashes due to ethical, gender, ethnic, and cultural differences of the communities they serve (p.

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