The Ethical And Moral Challenges Essay

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As senior leaders in the Army we are entrusted to be stewards of not only army property, but also the soldiers we have the responsibility to mentor and lead in a positive direction. In this paper I will discuss some of the ethical and moral challenges I face and how this module reinforced an obligation to set the standard and lead by example. In Joseph Doty’s Military Review, Character verses Competence, he states that the Army does a great job putting out PowerPoint briefings and setting aside time for all soldiers to receive their REQUIRED training, but falls short developing the moral and ethical character. Ethics can’t be taught by showing a slide or by having required readings and certificates; it must be shown with the example of senior leadership and followed up by enforcement. I consider myself a Christian with above average moral character, but still find myself falling short. One of the things I harp on is office language; while in an office environment the language should be professional and free of obscenities with no inappropriate jokes and etc. I do however like to go around and keep the atmosphere laid back by walking around and periodically carrying on a short work or non-work related conversation. In doing this I hope to relax tensions and open dialog which promotes an open door policy. Work related conversation can be any length but personal talk needs to be short, check on them and move on; a long conversation can give the impression I condom waiting…

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