The Ethical And Legal Standards Essay

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1.) As the organization I am working with not only participates in the evaluation and treatment of clients but also in research to benefit the community as a whole, there are many ethical standards that must be considered on a daily basis. Since I am only involved in the research department of this organization, the ethical and legal standards that are most relevant to my position are those pertaining to privacy and confidentiality. Most of the work I complete at Children’s Research Triangle involves data that includes mental health records as well as identifying information such as the clients’ name, age, and birthdate. In accordance to Standard 3 listed in the appendix, I must ensure that the Protected Health Information of each individual is handled in a way that guarantees client privacy and confidentiality. In reality, this is done with such tasks as locking this information in a file cabinet when I no longer need it and locking my computer screen when I step away for any amount of time. In addition, when getting rid of files we no longer need, I must shred any of those documents that have identifying information on them before I leave for the day. This practice is now heavily enforced as several years ago it was found that an employee was leaving these types of documents in a box under her desk until it became full so she wouldn’t have to go to the shredder every day. Very closely related but from a legal perspective, I must abide by the standards set up by the Health…

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