The Ethical And Legal Obligations Of Clare Essay

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After understanding the ethical dilemma, the problems involved, and the ethical and legal obligations of Clare, she should obtain consultation, or supervision, from a trusted colleague. Much of the research cites the importance of consultation and supervision regarding ethical decisions (Gonyea et al., 2014; Herlihy & Corey, 2014; Levitt et al., 2015). These types of relationships create a safe space for counselors to work through their dilemmas while being guided by a colleague. This outside perspective allows for the counselor to become aware of different options she has or facets she missed. In consultation, Clare will become more aware of her options for making a decision. In receiving an outsider’s opinion, she can evaluate her competencies in handling a dual relationship or gain options on how to resolve the dilemma. Another positive of consultation and supervision is the ability to have support from other clinicians and not having to make a decision in isolation (Levitt et al., 2015). A supervisor can work through the positives and negatives of the relationship with Clare while also providing information on the agency’s policy of dual relationships. In this way, Clare is able to feel safe in her decision after receiving information from all angles. Consultation is a great way to safeguard Clare’s decision-making process and thoroughly think through the dilemma from a new point of view (Herlihy & Corey, 2014). Ultimately, Clare’s decision will be more thoughtful and…

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