Essay on The Ethical And Ethical Implications Of Human Cloning

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Scientists are working to figure out different methods of life saving procedures and cure to some seemingly incurable diseases. Many different types of human cloning procedures could provide various benefits to society, such as birth help for infertile couples, conservation of endangered species and a reduction of hereditary genetic diseases and outweigh moral arguments against the cloning process. There are many ways that human cloning and stem cell research is expected to be beneficial to mankind. The benefits also include methods to eliminate or reduce hereditary genetic diseases and a conservation method of endangered species. Even though there are many beneficial aspects to research regarding human cloning and stem cells there are moral and ethical concerns with the procedures involved. The benefits to mankind from using the new procedures far outweighs the moral arguments against the subject.
“ Therapeutic cloning cloning fulfills a critical and moral obligation to potentially alleviate human suffering”(Ballaro,1). Cloning opens doors to cure for many genetic diseases and conditions including Alzheimer’s , cancer and Parkinson’s disease. Many leading medical science researchers argue against the healing potential that stem cells contain by reshaping how medical establishments address diseases (Ballaro,2). “Stem cells have the promise of providing scientists with a renewable source of replacement cells that could potentially treat or even cure a host of neurological,…

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