Essay on The Ethical And Ethical Aspects Of The Accounting Practices

835 Words Dec 5th, 2016 4 Pages
Today, we live in a World that men compete at the highest level for luxurious living. Thus, we see that there are men who chose to be expedient vs moral in their dealings. Naturally, the physical assets become desirous and interrupts men’s ability to consider morality within their dealings Today, the question arises, whether or not companies should be allowed to choose which the accounting procedure most benefits their company, while at cost to outside parties. Not only should companies not use such practices, it is highly immoral. We will discuss these essences of these practices; how they affect the economy as well as the innocent parties in involved. The accounting practices in which companies chose have a huge impact on their overall wellbeing. The fact is not whether they should be allowed to do so or not, but rather why they should not nor should not want to. Companies, at times are faced with dilemmas between what is moral and not. However, it goes deeper, there is a battle within us. To choose right and wrong. We first need to address this and fix before continuing. Companies need to use the same accounting procedures, because otherwise how can you equally judge a company. A rather large example where a company used its own accounting practices, Enron. They took it to the extreme, however, they still practiced bad accounting in which it hurt workers, investors and even regular people. This shocked the world, and even caused laws to be impart to resist others from…

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