Essay on The Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Cliques is a small group of people which are close friends that spend time together and have share same interests and similarities. This group led Joel and Clementine’s place of encounter. Later these people Joel who he seeks emotional support from his sudden end of relationship with Clementine and then told Joel about Clementine undergoing the procedure.

Defensive coping a technique for coping which gives immediate solution or relief but with risks.
The procedure to erase or delete certain memories that remind them of hurtful or their source of stress. The method or therapy used in the movies is not different as defensive coping as it depicts immediate relief it doesn’t erase any feelings that still persists and lead to confusion or for a behavior or a cause to an event that would happen again.

Lacunar amnesia a loss of memory about a specific event.
Is the result of the procedure used in the movie. A procedure where they manually and forcefully erase or unlink certain memories.

Extraversion a personality trait that seeks stimulation from outside forces. Extraversion is a trait that reflects the character Clementine as she exhibits traits such as outgoing,impulsive behavior,aggressive and seems restless.

Introversion is a personality trait that gains stimulation from solitary state or just by being alone
In contrast to Clementine, Joel is more of an introvert as he exhibits traits such as passive, quiet, pessimistic, anxious and…

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