The Establishment Of The Fourth Amendment Essay

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This paper reflects upon the establishment of the Fourth Amendment, added as part of the Bill of Rights on December 15, 1791. From the colonial era to the establishment of the United States Constitution in September 17, 1787, Philadelphia. The implementation of the United States Supreme Court in 1789; under the Judiciary Act of 1789. The many challenges surrounding the notion that “Every man 's home is his castle”

The Constitution of the United States: Fourth Amendment Rights
During the colonial era the "writs of assistance” was the only method of protection for the people (Hemmens, 2013). As the American Colonies moved forward in the persistence on freedom from irrational examinations and confiscations of property the “English experience to draw on. Every man 's house is his castle" (Hemmens, 2013). The expression of pride in one’s home was noted during Semayne 's Case, 1604. Semayne 's Case, noted the right of the landowner to protect their homes against unlawful entry (Hemmens, 2013).
Another case leading towards modern towards the establishing of the Fourth Amendment was the Entick v. Carrington case, 1765. The government of that era alleged that Entick secretly wrote a “scandalous reflections and invectives upon His Majesty 's Government, and upon both Houses of Parliament” (Entick v Carrington and the Legal Protection of Property. n.d.). A warrant was issued and executed at the home of Entick. Without his consent and against his will, Carrington…

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