The Establishment Of The Constitution Essay

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A part of the First Amendment of the constitution states “[c]ongress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” The Establishment Clause intends to prevent any government endorsement or support of religion (Freedom of Religion and the Establishment Clause). Throughout history and different time periods, many contrasting interpretations of this clause have formed. Many court cases have helped develop the meaning the this Clause. The Establishment Clause’s interpretation remains controversial, although numerous tests have helped the Clause itself.
The perception of the Establishment Clause has several components. This clause does not only prevent the government from establishing an official religion, but it prohibits the government from favoring one religion over another religion. Another component of this clause is it prohibits the government from preferring religion over nonreligion and vice-versa (Establishment Clause). Specifically, what does the word establishment mean in the Establishment Clause? The precise definition of the word is unclear. Historically, it had a contrasting view compared to modern day. Specifically, when the First Amendment was created, the interpretation of the Clause within the amendment was different (First Amendment and Religion). Historically, the definition of the Establishment Clause has differed from modern day. The First Amendment was not ratified during the colonial times, although the government restricted…

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