The Establishment Clause Protects The Religious Rights Of Citizens

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Research Paper The Establishment Clause protects the religious rights of citizens and their practices as long as their practices don’t interfere with government interests (First Amendment and Religion).These interests would include illegal activity and any activity that may seem threatening to the people and the government. Thomas Jefferson, the third United States President established the term “wall of separation between church and state” (Jefferson 's Letter to the Danbury Baptists the Final Letter, as Sent). He wanted to ensure the right of religious freedom for every citizen, thus believing this was the best way to unify the country by pursuing the Constitution. The founding fathers believed the best way to form a strong government and religion is they must not interfere with each other (19). Most of early colonists who traveled to America wanted to practice their own religion without fear of punishment (18). Various religious beliefs that did follow and establish religion resulted in many deaths or war (18). The first and fourteenth amendments were created to protect the religious freedom of the people from the government (23). It is unalienable to extricate one’s exercise of beliefs imposed by their creator (Ed. William). According to the Establishment Clause the government can’t favor or enforce religion on states but certain laws can’t be interpreted without interfering with other religious groups.
As a result of the diversity of religions in America, it is hard…

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