The Essential Elements Of Christian Worldview

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This paper approaches the main components of the Christian worldview, I will summarize its essential elements, as well as analyze and reflect on its significance in my life.
Christian Worldview
Every person has core values, and lives its life in a certain way. Although there are values and behaviors that are shared by different groups, the way a person behaves strictly relates to its own worldview. In other words, “Worldviews are visions of life as well as ways of life” (Valk, 2012), and these visions of life are reflected in the way a person interacts with others. One of the current, most predominant shared worldviews, is Christianism, which approaches several aspects such as the existence of God, the origin of humanity, the identity of Jesus,
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First of all, for many is hard to believe in something that cannot be physically seen, or that has a sort of mythic origin. For many, it is not possible to believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, or the credibility of the scriptures since the Bible was written years after the events occurred. Also, into Christian denominations sometimes the main purpose, which is worship God, is diverted due to human misbelieves or mistakes. For example, sometimes people tend to praise and follow a certain leader, congregation, or tradition, more than they praise God and …show more content…
Since I was a kid, I was taught not to judge, not to lie, not hurt others, and help others as much as I can and in every way I can. From these basis, I have lived all my life close to God and Jesus’ teachings. Although I would never be fully out of sin, I try my best in identifying the things that I have done wrong in order to avoid them. Also, I put God’s love above everything in my life, and I let Him direct my steps. I attend church to always have God’s message in my mind, and I try to apply everything that I learn in my everyday life. Also, I believe that praying is one of the most important things to do as a Christian. I pray every single day for God to take care of His people, and for Him to give the strength and the courage to do the right, the wisdom and tolerance to interact with every person’s belief, and the love to never hurt anyone in any possible way. For me, Christianity is to be there for anyone that needs help, and I try to do this even in small things. For example, even if college, and the nursing program, can be highly competitive, I always help my classmates and anyone that asks for

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