The Essence Of Commerce Is Customer Satisfaction Essay

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Because there is so much good competition out there, your product must do much more than be the low cost alternative. Generally that role falls to the industry giants whose costs can be spread over much larger production. To be chosen your product must not only satisfy your customers’ need, but also meet much higher expectations than your competition. You can separate yourself from the pack and become sought after by creating these expectations yourself.
Higher expectations must be met by the product and all phases of customer service and contact after the purchase. We’ve all read about companies who’ve suffered hiccups in product quality or service. Some have survived; some have not.
The essence of commerce is customer satisfaction. Satisfaction drives purchases and defines long-term business relationships. Not only does satisfaction surround the purchase, it follows it as well. To achieve high levels of satisfaction, not only must your company create outstanding value, but also must sustain the value customers seek following the purchase.
In order to satisfy customer needs and meet their expectations the firm must capture the mind and heart of the customer. In more scientific terms, these are described as a combination of cognitive and affective processes.
At the cognitive stage, the customer’s mind gathers, integrates, and reacts to all information related to each experience. This is the processing stage. We stimulate the customer’s recollection of prior experience and…

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