The Eruption Of Yellowstone National Park Essay

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Imagine a world where the Earth is polluted by ash and the temperature of the world is cooling by a large amount. All of the land around Yellowstone National Park disappeared because of the eruption that took place because of the magma chamber underneath Yellowstone. Yellowstone’s volcano will be an issue in the future of the United State. The questions are when will the volcano erupt and how can we be warned beforehand and what is going to happen to us after the eruption? Yellowstone has erupted three major times from 2.1 million years ago to 640 thousand years ago. The first eruption, which happened 2.1 million years ago, was said to be 6,000 times the size of the Mount St. Helen’s eruption back in 1980. After the first eruption happened, the underground magma chamber emptied which created the first caldera of the three calderas that are in Yellowstone. This first eruption was then followed by a smaller eruption which was 1.3 millions years ago that happened on the edge of the first caldera that was made. The last eruption that Yellowstone saw was about 640 thousand years ago. It was said to be a massive eruption that created another caldera which was thirty miles by forty-five miles. Also with the heat from the magma chamber being close to the surface of the park, it is the very thing that fuels the hot springs and geysers of the national park ( There is a question that has crossed many people’s minds if this volcano erupted, how will we warned beforehand?…

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