Essay about The Errors Of Judgment That Individuals Make On A Day

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There are several errors in judgment that individuals make on a day to day basis. Everyone is guilty of making these errors regardless of their background, education, and life experiences. The common errors of judgment found in humans that I chose are Snap Judgment, Projection, and Sweeping Generalizations (Bethel University, 2013).

Snap Judgment is a common error that I recognize or experience probably most often. An example would be the cop shootings on “innocent citizens”. The media and public jump to conclusions before all the facts and details pertaining to the incidents are revealed. I feel like society has broken themselves into many groups that all have different theories on the law whether positive or negative. I think this is largely due to the fact that the media thrives on being the first to break a story without knowing any details.

The second judgment of common error that I chose is Projection. An example of this that I have witnessed I think would coincide with the Snap Judgment error. The error being people’s growing dislike for law enforcement which has resulted in riots and protests against public service members. I’ve seen one city do something and something happens in another city and they duplicate what they have seen others do via the media.

The final judgment of common error that I chose is the Sweeping Generalizations. This error of judgment relates to the prior two errors of judgment in that the men in blue are given an overall bad reputation…

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