Essay The Era Of World War I, The Roaring Twenties

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Leading the nation out the dark years of World War I, the “Roaring Twenties” was a decade defined by a booming economy and an experimental people. In peacetime the United States was overrun by the youth, who danced and partied on the remnants of a “Lost Generation.” Historian David King referred to the 1920s as a “rollicking ride,” during which society parted with more traditional values in favor of the flapper movement and jazz, features of a more progressive line of thought. A consumer economy developed in the absence of wartime alongside a scale economy with the invention of new products, the incorporation of new management techniques, and a fuller utilization of existing technology. Economic prosperity gave the American people greater leisure time, a wallet full of cash and a bank full of credit to purchase material goods, entertainment, stocks, and everything in between. King, however, also described the 1920s as a time of great social division between members of this risque society and those who felt “that the traditional values-- thrift, hard work, self-reliance, morality-- were being replaced by a way of life that was too fast paced, too materialistic, too pleasure seeking.” The audaciousness of the jazz and its secular culture, though welcomed by many, treaded on the traditional values of conservative “America,” and in doing so provoked a rural counterattack that had the nation divided between two lines of reasoning, that of Christian Fundamentalists and that of the…

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