Essay about The Era Of The Soviet Union

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The art history of the Soviet Union is a complicated yet illuminating subject. The 1917 Revolution set the tone of the Soviet politics to be a total antithesis to the past. Communism as an ideology was first put into practice, and the perceived "backwardness" of Russia was awaited to be eliminated. Art serves as a response to all the social transformations, especially in the case of new architectural plans in the 1920s. Just after Lenin assumed the supreme leadership, a campaign of introducing socialist modes of living took off. At the same time, New Economy Policy, as a retreat from the radical War Communism, stimulated consumerism and private enterprise. A socialist, forward-looking world order was mixed with a presence of minor private ownership laid the foundation for architectural innovation, and the works of new architecture, in turn, spoke about the historical reality of the Soviet society. This essay intends to explore the design and function of two early Soviet buildings -- Rusakov Workers ' Club and the Sochi Sanatorium -- that show the revolutionary changes of lifestyle in the new society. Both of the buildings are remarkable examples of the Avant-Garde movement, and their lives reflect the unclear, utopian philosophy of the Soviet Socialism as well as an general emphasis on speedy industrialization chasing after Russia 's more advanced European counterparts. Nevertheless, the buildings offer insights of workers ' leisure activities, as opposed to real working…

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