The Era Of The Sixties Essay

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“The 1960s arguably inflicted more devastating blows on American society than any other decade of this century,” writes journalist Richard Stolley (Brash 1). A majority of conservatives may dispute the sixties… hence the nickname: “The Turbulent Years.” However, a balanced examination must not only take into account the contentious aspects but also the positive impact this decade had on America’s future. Alexis de Tocqueville stated that American Exceptionalism was propelled by the following five characteristics: liberty, egalitarianism, individualism, populism, and laissez-faire economics. One similarity amongst the five is that they pertain to the welfare of people and as a result: the country as a whole. For many people, the sixties is synonymous with change, and in order to meet the demands of American citizens, it was necessary to break away from the common expectations of American society. Therefore, despite the tumultuous events within the decade, the sixties represented American Exceptionalism according to Tocqueville’s five themes because people sought to reform mainstream American life.
The term liberty is defined as freedom from control interference, obligation, restriction, hampering conditions, etc. Historian Frederick F. Siegel describes the domestic policy achievements of both the Kennedy and Johnson administration, a time of significant government growth and reform (Dudley 43). During the 1960 presidential campaign, Republicans disregarded liberalism, but…

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