The Era Of The Renaissance Essay

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The Renaissance was a coming into the light era for education and women especially finally being able to be educated like one of the men, was one of these bright spots. Architecture becoming a science, as well as creating beautiful buildings was becoming known as an art and of course the world renowned inventor, artist, visionary Leonardo Da Vinci and the many wonders he had to offer the Renaissance period that bled into our modern times.

During the Renaissance period the women were usually the ones who stayed at home and supported their husbands in all of their endeavors. This was the way in Greece and Rome. They helped prepare their men in all ways of their mens ' lives (p.297). Most of these women were wealthy or of high middle class families. This time period opened up education for these women that they could get some of the same education as a man. Not all families had sons. Daughters were educated and taught to help run family businesses alongside their fathers. Lucrezia Borgia was one of the most powerful and influential women, during this time period, in Italy. She was strong willed and outspoken. She obtained the education the same as a man and was a patron to many artists and writers.(p. 296) She was the first woman’s libber. Lucrezia stood up to opposition of the times and did what many woman only wished they could do because of not having enough money or social status or family influence. She set a tone that has come down through history that…

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