Essay about The Era Of The Interwar Era

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The Interwar Era was a time in where the American people experienced extreme highs; a time of recovery, optimism, luxury, and ease followed by a time of homelessness, hunger, fear, and dependence. Post WWI, there was an all-embracing shift from war to peace. This Interwar Era shift was predominantly seen in government and political reform, industry and the lives of workers, lifestyles and newly accepted social norms, and continued racism and segregation between blacks and whites. The American government was more conservative, the industrial economy boomed, the American people found ways to express their freedom and their sexuality, and African Americans were threatened by the resurgence of the KKK. Each of these components provides vital information in regards to the Interwar Era.
The American people were mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted from the war. Now that it was over, they anticipated major changes in working conditions; they wanted the racial injustice within America to stop; they sought changes in the immigration policy; they largely yearned for less government control within their lives.
The Republican Party occupied the White House for almost the entire Interwar Era. Warren Harding (president from 1921-1923) centered his presidential platform on a “return to normalcy”. To do this, Harding overturned many policies passed from the Wilson administration. He approved to cut taxes on higher incomes, as well as limit the amount of immigrants…

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