Essay about The Era Of The Athenian War

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Subject/Themes The article presents many themes through out its entirety. First, it is understood that this is a speech that is being made at a funeral in honor of the first Athenian soldiers to fall during the Peloponnesian war. Also, the greatness of Athens is referenced through out the entire passage. By instilling pride and ownership for Athens to the people listening there is a sense of recruitment for the country 's military. Getting the audience to turn from the despair of war at their front door and focus on how they themselves can fight to keep the freedoms of Athens. Pericles was able to create the first and most influential forms of Democracy. Athenian imperialism consisted of a radical democracy, where men, over the age the of 18 were allowed to vote and Athenian women did not have the same rights as men. Women needed to be escorted by a man in the city and held no right to vote. The Athenians were battling Sparta, they were a military ready city-state whose people were dedicated to protecting their state. Spartan imperialism had a military oligarchy. This consisted of kings, council and ephors. Sparta shut out all outsiders to keep their military hegemony strong and to keep their military from being disrupted with outside ideas as their military held all the power in Sparta. Women were highly valued in Sparta and they had the responsibility of preparing young boys for their life long commitment to Spartan military. Maybe a theme that is not so present…

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