The Era Of Reconstruction After The Civil War Essay

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The lives’ of African Americans were altered considerably after the Civil War ended in 1865. Before the Civil War began in 1861, slavery and the limitations placed on both free and enslaved black people was part of life, but when slavery was abolished in 1865 by the passing of the 13th amendment; a new era was arriving. The Era of Reconstruction after the Civil War presented impacted the lives of African Americans positively in many ways, but it must be recognized that there were negative consequences as well. In this essay, both the positive and negative impacts of the changes brought about after the Civil War will be examined.
When the Civil War concluded, and Slavery abolished in 1865, the African American people, who lived in the South, were ushered into an era where they had the opportunity to choose their destiny. A black man now had the option of choosing where he lived at, how he spent his time and began to be able to experience what it felt like to be an American. While African Americans had their freedom, they often had nothing else. The Federal Government, in efforts to help African Americans succeed in their new life, organized the Freedman’s Bureau. Now while the Freedman’s Bureau had several facets to their organization, a successful one, and possible on that had a great positive impact on the lives of African Americans, was that of their efforts to create schools.
Through the efforts of the Freedman’s Bureau, and the efforts of African Americans…

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