The Era Of American History Essay

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America has changed throughout its existence to try to become a more just society. In the eras of the early 1800s, early 1900s, and 1960s, America created laws to show they are indeed “with & for the people” of all types. In America’s history, there has been major barriers from letting people be thable to fully express their rights. America declared independence from Britain and the rest of the world that they would be the best country to ever exist. The Declaration includes words that state that the American people have equal rights (“all men are created equal”), natural rights (“we have certain unalienable rights”), and the freedom to have “Life, Liberty, & the pursuit of Happiness”. Over time, we have seen these rights be evaluated thoroughly in the American government system by the American people. In these 3 eras of American history, we have seen a progressive movement to create a more fair and just society by changing and questioning the status quo to the government. As we, Americans, have progressed through these eras, we can see how us American spoke up and gain better, fairer, and have more equal rights that our government forgot to follow from our founding fathers.
The first movement, in the early 1800s, we see more of a voice in the American people. This new country that declared itself a democratic country, but didn’t give everyone the right to vote. In order to vote, you had to be a rich, white, land owning, American born, man. With these voters, they now had…

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