Essay on The Equal Rights Amendment ( Era )

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The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was first introduced in to congress in 1923, the amendment stated “Men and women shall have equal rights throughout the United States and every place subject to its jurisdiction.” [4]. The Equal Rights Amendment for those who desired the changes were focused on achieving political as well as economic equality, others sought racial equality [4]. Those who didn’t support the amendment were content on being old-fashioned and still cherished the old ideals that the men were suppose-to be in control of everything [4]. This movement when it should have brought women together as a unified force instead, broke certain groups apart due to issues with divided in tactics and goal setting [4]. In 1924 Alice Paul, a great supporter of the ERA and founder of the National Woman’s Party (NWP), exchanged words with Mary Van Kleeck who was against the ERA [4]. Paul explained that the Woman’s Party was “Striving to remove every artificial handicap placed on women by law and by custom.” Paul believed that the way to do so was to adopt the ERA, which it would not only be seen by federal government but by state as well, that it would override all the preexisting legislation that denies the women of this country of equal rights [4]. For instance Florence Kelley a woman activist that supported the ERA also, strived to grant higher education for women [6]. Kelley graduated from Cornell University in 1882, she was one of the few in her time to acquire an education…

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