The Epidemic Of South Africa Essay

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South Africa has the largest number of HIV infections, with approximately 6.4 million people living with HIV ( Shisana O et al., 2014) and 29.5% (National Department of Health, 2014) of this part were pregnant women. Figure 1 (Barron et al., 2013) showed prevalence of HIV infection among pregnant women from 1990 and 2010. From 2002 to 2012, HIV prevalence decreased among children (Avert, 2015). However, there were 9% of newly infected with HIV live in South Africa in 2011 (UNAIDS, 2011). Mother-to-children transmission (MTCT), which was the main reason associates to the high percentage of HIV infected children.

In 2001(Avert, 2015), South African government first implemented prevention of mother-to-children transmission (PMTCT) programme with some problems, and political support has improved since 2008. By 2011, mother-to-child transmission of HIV in South Africa has dropped to 3.5% (Avert, 2015), and the percentage of annual newly infected children had a 24% decline from 2009 (UNAIDS, 2012). Effective improvements for PMTCT programme are critical to reducing mother-to-child transmission and child morbidity and mortality. Implement of PMTCT programme
Though South Africa did not launch the PMTCT programme until 2001 (Avert, 2015), political support was given in the following years. There was very little intervention before and after the birth of the body initially (Avert, 2015, Khopotso Bodibe, 2013). There were two main problems account for the limitation…

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