The Epidemic Of College Dropouts Essay

1431 Words Dec 17th, 2015 6 Pages
I always knew that college and high school dropouts are a big problem in this country, however I was never informed enough on the topic to realize how much it impacted people worldwide. Over the past few weeks I have been researching effects, causes, and solutions for college as well as high school dropouts. After this research I realized that this issue is much bigger and more important than it seems, it has negative effects on everyone in the society.However, the worst part is that the solution is so easily attainable. The reason it has taken such a long time is because of lack of awareness and effort to stop it, but that will soon change.
The epidemic of college dropouts has been an issue in this country since the earliest schools. This problem is very serious because it affects everyone in society in various ways. According to Eduardo Porter of the New York times “A high school graduate earns 84% less than a typical graduate from a four-year college.” (1). Then there are those who are indirectly affected.For example, society has less educated people in it, therefore it has less educated voters and workers. Therefore, it is everyone 's responsibility to put an end to college dropouts. The big question is, what is causing people to drop out of college? There is not one answer but according to Rich Williams of The Huffington Post, “Easing the overall financial burden that students face at community colleges will give students more breathing room for personal and family…

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