Essay The Epidemic Of Child Obesity

1079 Words Mar 4th, 2016 5 Pages
Just imagine living in a country where one in every three children are overweight or obese; this is the world we live in today. To whom is the blame set on? Logically, it would be the parent 's responsibility to monitor their children as to what they are eating, and how they are spending their free time. Not necessarily pushing a stronger diet, but being able to get their children to consume the healthiest nutrients their bodies need to keep them at a healthy weight as well as finding a way to get their children to exercise. More and more children today are spending their time indoors watching television or in front of any sort of electronic screen. These situations can easily be solved by the parents of our nation coming together and encouraging their children to be active and live a healthier lifestyle. Although electronics and schools play a subtle role in childhood obesity, the parents of this nation should be more responsible for childhood obesity, as for they do not encourage their children to live a healthier lifestyle. The epidemic of child obesity is growing and will only grow into a larger factor. Why are these children becoming so overweight? This is due to the fact that they are neglected by their parents who do not teach nutritional values in their homes and continue to buy their children their sugar-induced desires at their local convenience store. Not only not teaching the child detrimental, but not practicing these nutritional exercises in front of…

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