The Epidemic Of Anti Viral Drugs Essay

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A pandemic disease is a pathogen which is an illness, in excess of normal levels which occurs all over the world. There are 2 types of common pathogens a bacteria or a virus. A bacterium is a living organism that can release poisonous toxins which can damage the hosts body it is on average 0.2 um (micrometers which are 1X10-6 m) (1. See bibliography). They can be killed by antibiotics and the 2 types of Wight blood cells (phagocytes and lymphocytes). A virus is not a living organism and can only reproduce using cells which kills the host cell. For this reason a virus Is far harder to kill .Anti-viral drugs are hard to manufacture but, white blood cells can kill them .On average they are a virus is 20-400 nanometers (1X10-9 m) (2. See bibliography). The most efficient way to kill both are vaccines which is an injection of a dead or deactivated pathogen so your body knows what type of anti-body is needed to kill it. Possible responses to a pandemic outbreak would be a worldwide panic, a rapid decline in tourism and grouping in public spaces

Main section paragraph 1 : Ebola
The Ebola epidemic started in February 2014 the last recorded case of the epidemic virus was on the 17 of January 2016. It has killed approximately 11301 people out of 28602 cases which mean approximately 60% of all cases survived. the symptoms of the diseases are nausea and vomiting ,diarrhea ,reddening of eyes ,raised rashes ,chest an cough pain ,stomach pain , severe weightless and…

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