The Epicurean Club : An Epic Club Essay

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The Epicurean Club is an epic club full of adventurers who are willing to savor everything in the world. “Vulture tasted like rotten pheasant. Mole tasted like carrion slug. Fruit bat tasted remarkably like sweet guinea pig” (78). Those are some remarkable taste those adventurers shared. “We’ve eaten lemmings and Tasmanian tigers. We’ve eaten bowerbird and ortolan and peacock. We’ve eaten the dolphinfish (which is not the mammal dolphin) and the giant sea turtle and the Sumatran rhino. We’ve eaten everything there is to eat” (79). Adventurers continue to talk about what they have tried. ““Nonsense. There are many hundreds of things we have not yet tasted,” said Professor Mandalay. “Thousands perhaps. Think of all the species. At least the dung beetles had a real kick to them” (79). Adventurers begin to complain that they have not eaten many species and they want to try something new. ““There’s something about Sunbirds in one of the minutes of the Epicurean Club from bygone years,” said Augustus TwoFeathers McCoy… “Did they say how it tasted?” asked Virginia” (81) Now, they want to eat Sunbirds which known as a legendary creature in the world, however, their curiosity lets them make a crazy decision—find and eat Sunbirds. Those adventurers start their adventure.
The most plots are not twists and turns. Adventurers catch the Sunbird successfully and eat it. However, the ending is kind of interesting, those people all have a taste of the Sunbird and feel very delicious. After a…

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