The Epic The Iliad By Homer Essay

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The epic The Iliad by Homer, is set during the last year of the Trojan War and recounts the battles and epic retelling of the end of the war between the Greeks and the Trojans. Achilles and Hector are known as the greatest warriors of the Greeks and Trojans, respectively. This places both warriors against each other and predicts direct conflict between both of them. As both are such great warriors they are quite similar, however there are also major differences between them. These major differences include the circumstances each warrior is in, the characteristics of both warriors, and their own personal aspirations. In addition, these differences between them are shown throughout the poem and also shape the course of The Iliad. In The Iliad by Homer, Achilles’ circumstance is different from that of Hector’s. While Hector only has one fate, at birth Achilles was given two different fates to choose from. One fate states that he can either fight and obtain glory and honor but die soon after; while the second fate states that should he stop fighting he’ll live a long life but with no glory or honor. At first Achilles is willing to participate in the war to obtain great glory and honor, but he later chooses to no longer fight in the war after a quarrel with Agamemnon occurs about taking the prize that he had won in a battle beforehand. (46) Achilles chooses to ignore the entire war and only focus on a way to dishonor Agamemnon and prove he is the superior warrior for…

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